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I had managed to navigate three New York City subway changes and an early morning deluge to arrive early at the media area at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. From that vantage point, it was easy to spot Liz Carmouche crossing the room.

Though not tall, she stands out in the sea of business people, the fabric of her T-shirt straining against biceps and lats that can only be built over thousands of furious hours in...

Around the world there are millions of true believers in the powers of cannabis and its myriad compounds - most of which are still not well understood after continuous use by humans since 500 BC.

To these true believers, the headline above will sound alarms.

Is this going to be another piece of propaganda about MARIHUANA and other CANNABIS CANARDS?

Rest assured, friends, that headline is the best kind of fake news.

Here are 1...

Bucket List item: Meet an NFL Legend (check).

Any sports nut knows how rare it is to spend meaningful time with an NFL legend like Leonard Marshall. I’d been bugging Tara Coomans to meet him for the better part of a year, and finally agreed to fly to the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo (CWCBE) in New York City so she couldn’t say no. By then I’d read a bushel of interviews with the former New York Giant defensive end, one...

Our first article in our new Athletes Section is not about Mike Tyson's grow, or Mike James' travails with the NFL, or Christian Okoye's ability to overcome pain using CBD... We're going with a story that represents many of the joys and sorrows faced by Americans who use cannabis to solve intractable health problems, only to learn the myriad unfair ways the insidious scourge of Prohibition ruins lives.


We're going to have some really special guests - Cliff Robinson of the NBA, UFC-legend Frank Shamrock, NHL tough guys Darren McCarty and Riley Cote, and former NFL player and cannabis advocate Eben Britton. These guys are amazing.

"I’m not talking about people getting high, doing recreational drugs. This is about medicine and giving patients an alternative option to manage pain and other medical complications that arise from cancer treatment, and other problems.”

Legendary Pittsburgh Steeler and native son Jack Ham plans to serve as a spokesperson and consultant for AGRiMED, which has plans to grow and provide cannabis for patients who meet a qualifying...

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