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  • Emily Drayton, Staff Writer

1,000 Cannabis Stories in Record Time


Just four months after launching on 4/20, The State of Cannabis News Hour has already delivered 1,000 news stories from the cannabis industry to eager audiences on the Clubhouse platform.

At a time when media is flooded with reefer-madness-based propaganda and inaccuracies about cannabis, industry professionals are desperate for the deeper insights and the discussion platform that The State of Cannabis News Hour provides.

“Each weekday at 9 am Pacific Time, a dozen of our 36 industry experts review the day’s headlines, pick out the frostiest nuggets, and discuss the topic for 4:20 with audience participation,” says Susan Soares, creator of the State of Cannabis News Hour.

“In just sixty minutes, you can absorb all the latest and most important cannabis news, with analysis and insider insights.”

When Susan Soares, creator of the State of Cannabis News Hour, discovered Clubhouse in late 2020 she instantly recognized its audio-only discussion format as an innovative new way to get industry professional together to share information, especially since COVID had shut down the industry events that were her specialty.

She structured the show to feature up-to-the-minute cannabis news delivered by and debated among experts, starting with a broad cross-section of industry experts she knew personally from her decades of industry advocacy.

News Hour-fans agree: in addition to reaching the 1,000-story milestone in only 17 weeks, The State of Cannabis News Hour is already the stickiest show on the Clubhouse platform. The show is nearing 15,000 followers from around the world, including superfans, daily listeners, company owners, investors, doctors and nurses, growers, manufacturers, and members of the news media.

“It’s easy to find The State of Cannabis News Hour, and follow us today. Industry experts are welcome, as well as our growing number of SuperFans. Just raise your hand if you’d like to weigh in. It’s FREE to join us for this important content,” added Soares.

Clubhouse is the fastest-growing new social media platform with 10 Million weekly active users already, including a 5x-growth in users in January 2021 alone. Users create create 700,000 discussion rooms every day. More than 180 venture capitalists have provided a combined $10 Million to help the company reach a $1 Billion valuation - making Clubhouse a rare “technology unicorn.” Clubhouse is currently considered the 5th most popular social media networking app.

The State of Cannabis is enthusiastically comprised of cannabis industry leaders, elected officials, regulators, and lovers of cannabis. The organization's mission is to collectively move cannabis policy forward in an inclusive and sustainable way. “The State of Cannabis News Hour” airs on Clubhouse every weekday at 9-10am PST. Industry pros and canna-curious can tune in to hear leading cannabis experts announce and discuss headlines and critical industry issues, social topics, and more – “Cannabis News by the People Who Make It.”

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