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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

"Teens Ordering Chocolates Laced with Cannabis Off the Web..."

Cannabis Canard of the Day: "Teens ordering chocolates laced with cannabis off the dark Web"... The paint-by-number elements of this Cannabis Canards are easy to spot:

  • “... teens are ordering...” The thought that unsupervised teenagers can order drugs online - from their computers or their phones - is scary. It preys on the fear that all parents of teenagers secretly harbor: their lack of control and discipline could lead to ruin.

  • "...chocolates laced with cannabis..." It is true, edible medicinal cannabis products have been developed for patients who don't like or can't tolerate other methods of ingesting. Many contain only CBD, the medicinal and pain relieving component of cannabis, and not THC, the psychoactive component. The idea that teens would be attracted to chocolate treats AND want to get high... We knew it all along… candy and cannabis is a tempting and dangerous combination! The best possible solution for keeping cannabis out of the hands of kids: legalized distribution through licensed dispensaries selling only to patients and/or those of legal age. Sell to minors, lose your license plus plus plus... Legal owners will follow these regulations - drug dealers? Not so much.

  • Number 3 is that “American teens are using the “dark web” to buy cannabis edibles from Europe.” R-i-i-ight. The dark web is extremely difficult to access. And why buy from Europe when it's made in America? Would teens really put a credit card online to drug dealers in Europe? Would they risk shipping it where it could be intercepted by law enforcement?




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