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Epileptic Seizure During Hearings Reminds FLA Lawmakers of Cannabis' Medicinal Importance

Though approved by 70% of FLA voters, incident is “another reminder that we’re dealing with people’s lives.”

While members of the Florida House and Senate debated on April 18th about ways to implement the new cannabis law that was approved by 70% of voters in November, Michael Bowen, who relies on medication to control his seizures, fell to the floor in convulsions.

"This is what happens to epileptics whose medicine doesn't work for them anymore and they can't get access to the one medicine that does actually work," Stephani Scruggs said, as medical providers and Capitol police crowded around her husband. Bowen was eventually removed from the committee room.

After the meeting, Senator Rob Bradley, a long time cannabis supporter, told reporters that Bowen's seizure "is another reminder that what we're dealing with is people's lives."

Bradley said later, "Hopefully what happened here today will remind everybody that what we are talking about is patients and what we are talking about is access to a drug that is now guaranteed under the Constitution."

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