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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

International Efforts to Make Cannabis Available to Patients

An article in today's Leafly, one of the cannabis industry's leading publications (admire!) covers Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's comments on the progress in developing the country's legal cannabis market. In addition to Canada being one of three countries with government-supported cannabis research programs, its cannabis program is developing with a thoughtful and principled approach,

"Nearly all of Trudeau’s talking points on legalization stressed public safety as the legislation’s driving principle. (Banning edibles until dose data is available and regulated, for example.) "US states have approached cannabis legalization very much with a commercial mindset and already thinking about profits and revenue,” [Trudeau] said. “We’re approaching it purely from a health and safety standpoint.”

Among many countries worldwide with medical cannabis programs, and decriminalization/legalization processes underway, the country of Uruguay has legalized and is in the process of regulating every level of the cannabis market, a first in the region. Efforts are underway in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland.

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