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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Jesse Sez: If You’re Pro-Freedom, You Should Be in Favor of Legalizing Cannabis

Though we've recently added a "Breaking News" section for certain red-hot opportunities, typically it's not our bag.

More likely, we will recognize that an issue is important and will we follow it across multiple mainstream and industry publications while observing and considering the various points of view.

If we decide to write up our own article, it's usually a few days after the media storm dies down, and it's because we believe a slightly different perspective will help give more clarity about "What's REALLY going on here?"

Just yesterday we read an article in Salon by former Governor Jesse Ventura.

He makes the case for cannabis legalization with such intelligence, rationality, knowledge of history, common sense and clarity, WE HAVE NOTHING TO ADD.

Read it.

Take action.

Here are some quotes:

"Every month and every year that goes by, we find out more positive things about marijuana. The list is getting longer and longer and longer to the point where I question why they kept all this information from us."

"Our national anthem states American is “the land of the free,” yet we have more people locked up in prison than any other industrialized nation. So those who are benefiting off of the drug trade aren’t just drug lords—remember that."

"I’ve said it a million times: just because something is illegal, that doesn’t mean it goes away, it just means criminals now run it."

"... the fact that our government continues to deny sick people access to this plant is truly a crime against humanity."

"To all the parents out there who are worried about how marijuana legalization will impact their children, I say, parent. It’s as simple as that. I’ve been for the legalization of marijuana for years. Neither one of my adult children are drug addicts. It’s that simple."

"Medical marijuana helps people who are sick from chemotherapy eat. I challenge anyone in government: What right do you have to tell someone what they can or cannot use if they have cancer? Do you have a medical license? What right do you have to turn sick people into criminals so that they can eat?"

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