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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Medical Cannabis has Achieved Consensus in US, Says Stone

Ten thousand people braved Los Angeles freeways on their days off this weekend to attend the 3rd annual Politicon in Pasadena.

Well of course they did! After all, it was a weekend where "... pundits, policymakers, and activists debate the issues of the day" - - who could miss that?

Especially when the big show was expected to include the Wing-Tipped One, the One and Only Roger Stone.

No matter what you think about Roger Stone, based on his PR you'd be hard-pressed to find a more passionate advocate for cannabis.

As a conservative advisor to Richard Nixon, his views didn't start out on the socially liberal side. But as the GOOD article explains, "In an unusually personal confession, Stone explained that his own views changed after seeing his father and grandfather battling terminal cancer.

“They were going through chemotherapy and radiation,” a visibly emotional Stone said. “You could smell them burning alive. That’s when a cousin of mine suggested trying medical marijuana. And yes, I got ahold of marijuana and gave it to them. It made a tremendous difference.”

Today, Stone has come to the conclusion that legalizing cannabis is a done deal. "Medical marijuana is now a consensus issue in the United States,” he said during his Politicon panel. “And recreational marijuana is headed that way.”

Stone has spearheaded the formation of The US Cannabis Coalition to "...influence federal-level decision makers so they honor State’s Rights and state-mandated marijuana laws as well as reform our antiquated and failed federal drug laws."

The American Cannabis Report heartily agrees with that mission.

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