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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

NFL Reaches Out to Players Union to Explore Cannabis for Pain

As recently as several months ago, embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was blitzed by the press for taking a strong stand against players' use of cannabis to manage the pain resulting from the violence in professional football.

Even here in the American Cannabis Report, we took a few shots at the contradictory nature of the NFL's stance against cannabis while remaining strongly in favor of opioid painkillers, which are highly addictive and are implicated for their role in the overdose deaths of 142 Americans each and every day.

So it was with great relief that we found numerous stories in the media today about the

NFL's outreach to the Player's Union in an effort to explore the possibility of allowing cannabis as a sanctioned painkiller in the NFL - presumably within the 29 states and Washington DC where cannabis is legal for medicinal use.

Let's hope that glacier is cracking for good.

Hey NBA, you want next?

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