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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Another Study, More Hysterical Conclusions About the Risks of Cannabis

This week we've read at least half a dozen headlines about how cannabis is going to blow up your heart.

Here's one so you get the flavor of the emergency-du-jour: "Marijuana Use Holds Three-Fold Blood Pressure Death Risk" in the HuffPo.

These and other breathless headlines lured readers to cannabis canards like:

  • cannabis users are "three-times more likely to die" than non-users; and

  • cannabis is "a greater risk factor than cigarettes".

As is typical in these stories, there was a study (at Georgia State University) and scientists were involved.

What makes this type of propaganda stand out is when EXCITABLE WRITERS AND EDITORS get a hold of any story about cannabis. The URGE TO EXAGGERATE is often uncontrollable... We, on the other hand, are totally cool :)


Regardless of whether the studies were valid - - we feel the reporting was not very thoughtful.

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