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MG Goes Global on Rout of Anti-Cannabis Propaganda

Great scientific mysteries are typically solved by scientists or science-enthusiasts who are trained to solve problems and are relentlessly focused on the issue at hand. Mysteries about cannabis, on the other hand, are often put to rest by layperson reporters asking simple, logical questions.

This is because death-by-cannabis canards are so flimsy that anyone can shoot them down. So how do they persist year after year?

Readers of this publication will know that we are laser focused on anti-cannabis propaganda which has been used for nearly a century to obstruct research as well as the industrial and medicinal use of cannabis. Due to powerful players whose interests do not include quality of life or industrial competition, the cannabis plant has been wastefully and immorally unexplored and underutilized.

What's peculiar odd about the anti-cannabis conspiracy is many of those who perpetuate it do not benefit directly from the conspiracy. Let's therefore call it a "The Contagious Conspiracy".

Great examples of The Contagious Conspiracy are the basis for MG Magazine's powerful story, "Who’s Seeding Pot Propaganda about Killer Cannabis?" which notes the important media role in stemming the global flood of propaganda against cannabis.

In this important research MG has found "Recent industry media reports cite several strange news stories that have surfaced on highly visible, mainstream media outlets indicating cannabis use as being “connected” to several deaths."

The article covers a weakly researched "study" claiming cannabis causes hypertension (shot down by reporters at Business Insider and here); cannabis laced with the deadly opiate fentanyl, (obliterated by questions from the Columbus Free Press and here); a similar story in Ohio which was retracted by officials after questioning by VICE and others; as well as a raft of similar cannabis-gonna-kill-ya stories we've come to know as 'reefer madness stories'.

Good on MG for connecting the dots about cannabis propaganda!

image source: www.propaganda

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