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Oh Cannabis-Supporting "Senator Pun" Where Have You Been All These Years?

Since 1977, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has been a staunch opponent of cannabis legalization. Typically dour and measured in his speech and erring always toward the conservative in his votes, the love song-writing Senator is third in line for the presidency, in his role as President pro tempore of the US Senate.

Perhaps the good Senator has reached the age of "F*ck It", or perhaps he's finally come to his senses about cannabis after the relentless media (you're welcome) has provided bucket loads of evidence on its medicinal benefits.

In either case, Senator Hatch announced today that he has introduced a bipartisan bill aimed at expanding cannabis research. It's called Marijuana Effective Drug Studies Act of 2016To watch this video is to believe in magic, dear readers.



Many in the media have had fun with Senator Hatch's use of puns in the news release about the MEDS bill (guilty as charged). Stoner heaven, no doubt, to read "weeds" "strain" "blunt" and "rolled out" in a Congressional bill!

Here's the text of the 2016 version of the bill - - read for yourself.

While those puns are entertaining, we are revising our article today to point you, dear readers, to the only publication we've found - Leafly - that trained its laser focus on analyzing the content of the bill.

Nice work, Leafly and Deputy Editor Bruce Barcott!

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