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With Cash Registers, Not Guns: Ontario to End Cannabis Black Market

In the 80 years since the Marihuana Tax Act was signed into law, the American strategy of arrest, confiscate, and incarcerate as a means to stop the black market in cannabis has been a complete and total failure (assuming that goal was sincere... but we digress).

Since that inglorious day in 1937, and another in 1971 when Richard Nixon cemented his anti-hippie, anti-black voter strategy by placing The Plant on Schedule I, US and international law enforcement AND military have spent $Billions and run themselves in circles trying to stop cannabis.

The result: cannabis today is more powerful, more available, more beloved, and less expensive, than ever before. And the $multi-billion international black market is thriving.

Has no one ever asked a Canadian how to do it?

The province of Ontario has unveiled a black-market-killing solution that's devastating in its simplicity. Instead of killing the black market with guns, they aim to kill it with cash registers.

According to CannabisNewsWorld:

"In an effort to usurp the black market’s reign on the weed industry, Ontario is considering slashing their weed prices drastically. In order to eradicate illegal sales of cannabis, the government plans on establishing a competitive price for recreational weed, which could be as low as $8 a gram, according to Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa after a cabinet meeting Wednesday.“

Undercut the street dealers and they'll go out of business.

Duh, eh?

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