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Australian Rules: Medicinal Cannabis Exports Approved

A lesson in "keep your eye on the ball": it seems only

MG Retailer didn't lose its mind over the Sessions Memo, and issued reporting on an important international cannabis news story that virtually every cannabis new source missed:

"Today, the Australian government announced that it plans to allow medical marijuana exports."

The Australian medicinal cannabis market is in its infancy, with recreational use somewhere in the country's future. But clearly the economic opportunities demonstrated by legalized US states have shown the potential for thousands of new jobs, tax revenues, and a big bite out of black market crime.

Not only is Australia a massive trading partner with countries around the world, but as a member of the British Commonwealth, it has special access to major export partners such as Canada, India, and the UK.

Remember India, that other country with over a billion people...?

MG Retailer notes: "Australia joins Canada, Uruguay, the Netherlands, and Israel as countries that have approved similar measures."

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