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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Los Angeles Refuses to Lead... Again

Imagine if Elon Musk had rejected launching the Falcon Heavy rocket (show here in orbit yesterday) because "it was too difficult", or building a fleet electric cars because "it would take too long".

Last week, the District Attorney of the City of San Francisco George Gascon announced his office would begin work on a provision of Prop 64 - the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative - whereby any Californian can apply to have a current or former pot conviction reclassified, resentenced, or dismissed, but the individual must initiate the process themselves.

Gascon's office was reviewing cases back to 1975 to determine whether they were eligible and has already sealed or dismissed over 3,000 convictions, and is considering reducing another 4,940 to misdemeanors.

Why? His office recognized that these costs and time requirements could be a steep burden for deserving low-income and/or minority residents/

All the way south in San Diego, the county District Attorney is partnering with a public defender on a similar project. About 700 convictions have been sealed or reduced and an addition 4,000 cased are in line to be investigated for reductions. Of these, fifty-five were serving up to 18 years in prison, and have had sentences reduced.

One might expect that California's largest city, Los Angeles, would play a leadership role in righting these historic imbalances in punishment. Then again, one still wonders why Los Angeles was not ready with licenses on January 1.

Sorry folks, keep waiting for Los Angeles to show any leadership whatsoever in the cannabis industry that is predicted to hit $3.7 Billion in total revenues this year, and generate upwards of $1 Billion in tax revenues for the state annually.

For a city that used to lead the world in innovation and creativity, its response and support of anything having to do with our dynamic industry has been pathetic.

We welcome your thoughts.

image source: The Verge

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