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A PhD, Three MBA's and a Senator walk into a Bar...

Our friends at Weed Reader published yesterday The 10 Most Interesting Females in Cannabis, a list which takes a deeper dive into the diversity and quality of some of the most inspiring leaders in the cannabis industry.

What makes these females* stand out is their passionate commitment to cannabis at a time when, as their exceptional credentials and backgrounds indicate, they could be involved in any number of industries without cannabis' hassle and risk.

(*It's a list of "females" because Alexis Bortell is only 12. Small but mighty, her Lawsuit against the The Attorney General of the US, the US Department of Justice, the Acting Head of the DEA, the DEA, and the United States of America goes to court this week.)

Take a look at the 10 Most Interesting Females in Cannabis:

  1. Priscilla Vilchis, Premium Produce

  2. Alexis Bortell, Patient and Plaintiff

  3. Lori Ajax, Chief ("Cannabis Czar") of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control

  4. Ruth Epstein (MBA) Partner, BGP Advisors

  5. Fiona Ma (MA, MBA, CPA), running for Treasurer, State of California

  6. Christine Ianuzzi (MA, MBA), CEO of Leading Edge Expos

  7. Tracy Ryan, Founder, CannaKids

  8. Giadha de Carcer (MA), Founder, New Frontier Data

  9. An Chi-Tsou (PhD), Cannabis Regulatory Expert and Consultant

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