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Experts Welcome at The American Cannabis Report

Are you a cannabis industry expert?

Does everyone know it?

Think of how many times an "industry expert" has been quoted in articles or news videos lately.

In these stories, John Tyas (chief of Avocados Australia), Carlos Ghosn (CEO of The Alliance) and J.L. Galache (CTO of Aten Engineering) have done themselves a big favor.

Not only are their expertise acknowledged in articles that will be read by peers, partners, and competitors, but their names will now forever be associated with the words "industry expert" during an online search (Google, Bing, etc.)

And that can help the expert win increases in responsibilities and salary, or jump to a new job or company, or even in some cases, be able to charge fees for speaking at industry events.

If you are interested in sharing unique insights or expertise, you could make a name for yourself by writing an article for The American Cannabis Report. Or become our go-to for your industry sector for comments on hot topics. Or tell us why we should feature you or your company in a profile. Give us a shout.

Here are a few industry superstars that have already done so:

Coming soon:

  • Jared Mirsky, Wick & Mortar

  • Peter Calfee, GoFire

  • ... and you?

Image source: Expert Joints

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