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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Why We Use Flipboard as Our Cannabis News Feed

We're all in the information business these days.

Whether it's discussing the day's news at the office or the dinner table, or leveraging or even creating news to promote your business, the use and management of news has become major factor in our daily lives.

Here at the American Cannabis Report, we use a variety of methods to keep up with and categorize our news.

Of course, we utilize Google Alerts for a variety of phrases. Alerts are an old but still trusty tool that keeps delivering the goods to our inbox. Google Alerts is a bare-bones system that delivers emails with no graphics at all. In our case, the Alerts emails arrive once per day, though delivery settings are variable. All hail the Google for developing Alerts.

Another great tool we've come to love is Flipboard. With Flipboard, the delivery system is highly visual, and scales really well to the phone or the desktop.

Here are a few of the Flipboards we maintain:

Click on the image to see news stories relating to the cannabis industry in the US

A new feed we've just started. Click on the image to see news stories relating to the hemp industry in the US (and some international)

As you might imagine, The International Cannabis Report is the feed where we stash cannabis news from around the world.

Hard to keep up with all the news coming out of Canada; The Canadian Cannabis Report is our current attempt.

Our FlipBoard The Australian Cannabis Report is our repository for cannabis news from Oz.

As the Mexican government struggles to beat back the cartels with a legalized and regulated medical market, we follow the news in our FlipBoard, The Mexican Cannabis Report

This is where we drop stories about medicinal cannabis uses and success stories - and there are a bunch.

Cannabis Propaganda sucks and must be identified, exposed, mocked for its intellectual affront, and stamped out at every opportunity.

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