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Another EU country takes steps toward legalization: Malta

The small but mighty country of Malta recently legalized medical cannabis prescriptions, and a separate law to permit production is within months of final approval, according to an article in MJBiz.

Instead of a list of approved conditions, Malta has left prescription of cannabis up to individual doctors.

"The legislation does not specify the conditions for which medicinal cannabis can be prescribed.That was intentionally left to the discretion of physicians, after a decision “there is no viable alternative” treatment. The decision then requires approval by the Superintendent of Public Health"

Malta sees the significance of this important step to allow patients to gain access to potentially life-saving medicines derived from cannabis.

It's also an important step by another European Union country toward legalization.

“This is a major step beyond just legal cannabis for patients in Malta who haven’t ever had access to cannabis as medicine legally,” said Deepak Anand, vice president of government relations for the consultancy Cannabis Compliance. “Malta is also a member state within the European Union and one more country within the EU to recognize the medicinal properties that cannabis has.

“International cannabis companies should pay close attention to Malta and the regulatory system they develop for production and distribution of medical cannabis.”

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