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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

The Breakthrough is British: FDA Panel Approves CBD, But It's Not American

Warfighter Hemp is an American company founded by an American war hero, employs American workers, and contributes heavily to American service members and their families.

The company grows hemp on its farm in Colorado, extracts cannabadiol (CBD) from its crop, and sells multiple CBD products to American consumers.

(Full disclosure: we have used their products for months with excellent results.)

Warfighter is but one of dozens - possibly hundreds - of American companies making CBD products. Hemp is legal in over 40 states, and cannabis - the other most reliable source of CBD - is legal in 30.

Today, the US Food and Drug Administration (DFA) announced that an expert panel had unanimously approved a CBD product for use against two forms of epilepsy.

It's a wonderful day for sick people who can be helped and cured using cannabis, hemp, and CBD.

It's a missed opportunity for American business.

Image source: Selfhacked

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