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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

BREAKING: Traffic Roots Allows Cannabis Companies to Advertise Online

Imagine waking up and finding your company’s digital presence has been rendered useless, or worse, wiped off the map.

Granted, a “digital raid” is not as scary as armed officers kicking in your door, but it’s just as devastating at taking down a business.

That’s the risk that cannabis business owners – even in legal states - face for trying to place cannabis advertising on the leading online platforms that will flag or even delete companies for engaging in advertising of "illegal products”.

“Cannabis is the only multi-billion-dollar industry we know of that is virtually prohibited from advertising online,” says Christian Valdez, founder of TRAFFIC ROOTS, the new advertising network that (finally!) takes digital display advertising by cannabis companies.

“Traffic Roots changes that dynamic by providing a platform that allows cannabis companies to advertise and sell their products and services, grow businesses, hire workers, pay taxes, and powerfully participate in the American economy”.

Traffic Roots is live and already doubling impressions on a daily basis. But does it really work?​​

One large publicly-traded cannabis company did a test run with a single ad. The ad received 100,000 unique impressions on Day 1. (On Day 2, the company brought its entire portfolio of 40 ads to Traffic Roots.)

"That level of performance is typical of Traffic Roots performance to date", says Valdez.

The economic model is working for publishers, too, who are being paid for their ad real estate with both a CPC and CPM methodologies. In other words, payment can be generated by clicks, or simply for views (like TV), depending on how the advertiser and publishers set up their accounts.

Traffic Roots founder Christian Valdez, speaking at Arcview

Traffic Roots pays based on the real value of the ad placements, not a blended average like some competitor networks. (Imagine being great at your job, but only being paid the average of all workers across the industry!)

And with a robust data at their fingertips, Traffic Roots shows advertisers and publishers what Geo-locations are making money AND where the opportunities are.

Valdez explains the meta-value the Traffic Roots ad network brings to the industry: “Most people think that banking restrictions are the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry, but they’re not factoring the impact of the prohibition on online advertising.”

“Now that online advertising spending has exceeded TV broadcast, these companies should be able to advertise to their customers online. Traffic Roots is able to give them access to millions of users per day. Our clients are always surprised at how easy it is to get set up and grow business.”

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