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Preliminary Data from Treez Shows 4/20 Smashed Records

Saying that 4/20 is a big day for the cannabis industry is like saying Easter is a big day for peeps.

But while the lead up to 4/20 is delicious-bordering-on-delirious, and virtually every publication in America runs 99 color photos of smoke-filled city parks with smiling stoners zonked on the lawn...

Hey now: people want to know if 4/20 has really lived up to the hype.

Treez Technology is the first company we've seen provide hard data about this year's surge on 4/20, and frankly their numbers are staggering.

“Treez had a massive 4/20 this year, processing 8-times the number of transactions and 8 1/2-times the dollar volume of a year ago, with dispensaries we power averaging $50,000 in sales, and processing as high as 1,500 tickets,” said ​​Treez CEO John Yang.

Granted, this is just one data set from thousands of dispensaries across the US.

But with Treez installed at some of the industry's largest (Harborside, etc.), this data seems to be a good bellwether for the industry.

The company says, "Treez’ customers average $6 million in annual sales, an estimated four-times the size of the average retailer in the U.S., and an estimated 25% of retail volume processed in California runs through dispensaries signed with Treez."

CEO Yang also noted that “long-term clients were up 60% year-over-year, and uptimes were 99.9%.”

Wait... uptime still matters in 2018?! (It does when you're trying to get eight times your normal traffic through your dispensary.)

We're curious about whether other POS software products generated similar results?

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