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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Cannabis Legalization is One of the LEAST Polarizing Issues in America

American politics is a noise machine right now. but here's a surprise: Of all the issues causing politicians to scream these days, one of the least divisive issue in America is legalization of cannabis.

Props to Five Thirty Eight for their article "Everyone Agrees That Weed Is Great — Except Politicians"

"Gallup found that 72 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of independents and 51 percent of Republicans support marijuana becoming legal. This makes marijuana one of the least polarized issues of our time (and one that some political party might be smart to take advantage of)."

More Republicans and Democrats agree on cannabis legalization than:

  • Terrorism

  • Marriage Equality

  • Trade

  • Taxes

  • Abortion

  • Global Warming

  • Healthcare

  • Gun Safety Regulations

Image source: JekyllandorHyde, and FiveThirtyEight

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