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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

"Do No Evil" More Than Ever

When does a slogan become a way of life?

"Be All That You Can Be" comes to mind. So does "Think Different", and "Just Do It".

Words to live by.

Used to be that Google's Code of Conduct included the tricky slogan Do No Evil. Coming from a corporate entity, some were suspicious, but because it was such a pure, lovely concept many (many many) people believed and were comforted by Do No Evil.

Technology is designed by people

No matter how many millions of lines of code define an algorithm, those lines of code are created by people. Code can de designed to solve problems, provide funds for important needs, and connect people across miles and years.

If the coder believes in Do No Evil, the technology should be for the good.

But when the coders don't believe, evil can win.

YouTube is Ripping Down CBD Videos

A CBD company with which we are familiar just told us all their videos hosted on YouTube (owned by Google/Alphabet) were just disappeared.

As in Argentina - taken away in the middle of the night and killed.

This CBD company makes products that improve the quality of life for people in 40 countries, employs workers, provides income and revenues and pays taxes. Some of the videos are educational, so are merely inspirational.

One video YouTube killed in the night was by a former NFL legend suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Many of his former friends and competitors suffer from this terrible condition. Many have died young, many have taken their own lives to end their terrible suffering.

This video had 42,000,000 views. People were inspired to seek help and treatment instead of suicide.

YouTube ripped it down.

Do No Evil, Please.

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