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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Oregon Cannabis Surplus Shows Legal Cannabis Strategy Works

If you're an illegal cannabis grower in Oregon, first, thanks for reading The American Cannabis Report.

This means you've also read articles like this: "Oregon is sitting on more than One Million Pounds of Unsold Marijuana"

Sorry Dewd, but you know what the massive cannabis surplus means.

It means the legal marketplace for legal cannabis in Oregon has taken flight. Which means you're probably out of business.

Sorry for your pain, and we hope you can put your skills to good use, but if you don't mind, we're going to share your pain with the Pussyfooters and Prohibitionists in states that have not legalized yet, and in Washington DC where the light of the 21st Century has reached only a few.

To those decision makers who consider it a good idea for America to eliminate the violence, illicit cash, and uncertainty about the quality of product created in the black market, the State of Oregon has a message for you:

Legalize all aspects of the cannabis industry in the United States. Cannabis Prohibition has failed the American people, wasted a trillion dollars, incarcerated millions, stopped scientific research into a known and plentiful plant that already brings relief to millions.

The Black Market has thrived, and will continue to thrive, until you let the forces of legal marketplace do its thing. Create jobs. Creates medicines. Enable scientific discoveries. Create wealth.

The Oregon Surplus is proof.

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