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  • Pierce Fenwick, Staff Writer

Can Cannabis Save Advertising?

The advertising industry is a shell of its former self. Long gone, it seems, are talents the likes of David Ogilvy, Howard Luck Gossage, Alex Bogusky, Helmut Krone, Piet Verbeck, Lee Clow... and the work they left behind is sorely missed when compared to today's bird cage lining from Masters of the Science of Marketing.

it's an old joke, and apologies to all the true creatives, toiling against the currents of shrinking budgets and scared-shitless clients who won't approve your best work or anything close. Been there, done that, parachute bye bye....

And then, just when we thought all was lost, this:

First of all, why people don't do more funny stuff about beer is beyond us.

Second, ADVERTISING PEOPLE! There's an entirely new legal industry out here, just waiting to be break onto the national and international scene, powered by the greatest copywriting ever seen.

One thing we're sure of, the old masters would be all in on this new opportunity.

(Why does this ad look funny? We were so excited

to see it in Outside Magazine, we whipped out the iPhone

and took a picture of it!)

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