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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Lowell Herb Co. Demonstrates Cannabis Corporate Responsibility (Again)

When we first wrote about Lowell Herb Co., the number one free-roll brand in the State of California, it was for a social justice issue in which their leadership was loud and clear.

In short, Lowell made a bold response to the important issue of incarceration of non-violent cannabis 'offenders': the company offered to hire them.

Lowell even placed a big billboard across the street from the jail in downtown Los Angeles.

The billboard said.... ah, we'll post it again for you:

And if that weren't enough goodness from a number one cannabis brand, here's another nug: as reported in Marijuana Business Daily today, Lowell became the second cannabis company to voluntarily recall product from dispensaries in California.

Interesting side notes about Lowell's case:

  • The company had been voluntarily testing its flower for 18 months (state regs say they only had to start testing July 1)

  • The recalled product was tested by SC Labs (very well respected), and passed.

  • The distributor then had the product re-tested, and it passed again

  • ... Two weeks later, the second lab said "oops, failed"

  • Lowell had the flower TESTED A THIRD TIME, AND IT PASSED AGAIN.

But one thing about Lowell CEO David Elias - he's always got the consumer in mind, and decided to voluntarily pull his product from 74 dispensaries and destroy it.

“We will make sure our customers can trust us and the actions we will take,” Elias said.

Well done, David. Well done, Lowell.

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