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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Stop Calling It Synthetic Marijuana. It's Poison.

The news has been plastered this week with horrific clips of overdosing drug users shaking, screaming, and vomiting on sidewalks in an around a park in New Haven, CT.

Over eighty people fell victim on a single afternoon.

The toxic agent? K2. Perhaps you've heard of it called by another brand-name: Spice. "The products, commonly sold under brand names like Spice (or “potpourri”) at head shops, gas stations and bodegas, is known to cause serious health complications, including death." It has been known to contain deadly ingredients such as rat poison and opiates such as fentanyl.

According to a quote by Dr. Sandy Bogucki, the EMS and medical director for the Yale New Haven Hospital region, in Hartford Courant: “People who smoked it or ingested it tended to go down very fast, almost right in their tracks."

Most thinking people understand that this potentially deadly product is poison, and that its dealers are essentially murderers.

Others, however, either due to fear, or ignorance, or perhaps seeing an opportunity to extend Prohibition, are blasting out the falsehood that this is in any way related cannabis.

See what US Attorney Mike Stuart does here, along with "DEA Los Angeles" and make your own decision about what they're up to.

image source: Marijuana Moment and Hartford Courant

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