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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Google Doesn't Know the Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp

Doing a Google search for stories about hemp-derived cannabinoids and their life-saving effects on certain health conditions.

Google returned NO correct results for hemp for the first 49 results.

That's right - not until result #50 - top of page 5 - did I get a result for hemp seed body oil available on Amazon.

Have you ever had such a huge string of mistaken results from Google?

No, right? 'Coz it's hard to search for H-E-M-P and get C-A-N-N-A-B-I-S. (Try that on a crossword puzzle...)

It would be even harder to mistake the two in real life since hemp grows 18' tall and has virtually no THC, and 'marijuana' is about 6' tall and might get you high AF. Or might save your child's life.

Look at this shite (below) and remember, it's from the same company that refuses to advertise cannabis companies operating in legal states employing tens of thousands of Americans, and takes down videos of cannabis, including inspiring videos from All-Pro NFL players viewed by millions:

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