Welcome to the Cannabis Industry, Try Not to Pun.

A good old friend - far more good than old - recently announced he's been offered a job in the cannabis industry. Welcome aboard! 


Let's go over a few ground rules:


Rule #1: Rules? We ain't go no stinkin' rules! Like the weather in Vermont, the "rules" are always changing. And that's a good thing, because the old rules were garbage. Rules about banking, rules about taxes (you'll be hearing about 280e and 45% tax-rates a lot), rules about military veterans, state rules versus federal rules, on and on.


So put your shoulder to the boulder, my friend, and help push.


Rule 2: Geezers will give you the side-eye about working in cannabis. My dear mother, for example, still says "Are you still working in THAT industry?"


When that happens, be patient, and don't forget: the child becomes the teacher. 


Just yesterday the airwaves were filled with a new study that Baby Boomers are using cannabis for aches and pains, dementia, and all manner of illnesses. Did I share that link with Mom? I believe I did!


Rule 3: You must resist the urge to make cannabis puns. To many practitioners of the journalistic arts, cannabis puns are like Pez candies - if two are available, they want three.


An article on the topic above was headlined: "Marijuana Use Among Seniors Hits All Time High"


Or this: "Contact High: 3 Stocks That Give Investors Secondhand Exposure to the Marijuana Industry"


"High Hopes: Who Will Benefit From NZ's Legal Cannabis Industry?"


Ba dum bum.


A word to the wise, my good old friend, before you decide to be "blunt" about this "growing industry" with "evergreen potential" for "profits on the high side"... take a deep breath, and know that the pros have heard it all before.




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