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  • Pierce Fenwick, Staff Writer

Cannabis Companies Generously Support Their Communities

A new article in Green Entrepreneur scribed by our Editor, Christopher Smith, highlights the extraordinary efforts our industry puts toward bettering our communities.

Seven efforts are highlighted here:

  • Social Connector Andre Bourque working with Dust to Diamonds, Wild Flower, Marine Queenz, and Banana Bros to host a fundraiser for The Veterans Cannabis Coalition

  • Coda Signature winning a Community Service Award for its work in hometown Trinidad, Colorado, especially the Artocade

  • Alameda County's famed dispensary Garden of Eden being named the Business of the Year for its support of Meals on Wheels

  • Bloom Farms deep and meaningful support for ending hunger, donating 1.2 million meals already

  • Traffic Roots' hands-on approach working directly with community members to provide groceries and Christmas gifts to local families (and a shout-out from CEO Christian Valdez to Melissa from MJ Hybrid Solutions for her work with local homeless population

  • Elixinol's from-the-beginning program of giving 5 percent on sales of to a variety of charities including Realm of Caring

  • Vape-maker GIVE's charitable giving campaign that changes every quarter.

What's even more amazing about all this community work and charitable giving: cannabis companies can't take a federal tax deduction on stuff that's not federally legal.

Guess that means that cannabi are just good people.

Image source: Green Entrepreneur; Image credit: Mark Trost VCNW | Getty Images

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