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  • Pierce Fenwick, Staff Writer

Cannabis Companies Generously Support Their Communities

A new article in Green Entrepreneur scribed by our Editor, Christopher Smith, highlights the extraordinary efforts our industry puts toward bettering our communities.

Seven efforts are highlighted here:

  • Social Connector Andre Bourque working with Dust to Diamonds, Wild Flower, Marine Queenz, and Banana Bros to host a fundraiser for The Veterans Cannabis Coalition

  • Coda Signature winning a Community Service Award for its work in hometown Trinidad, Colorado, especially the Artocade

  • Alameda County's famed dispensary Garden of Eden being named the Business of the Year for its support of Meals on Wheels

  • Bloom Farms deep and meaningful support for ending hunger, donating 1.2 million meals already

  • Traffic Roots' hands-on approach working directly with community members to provide groceries and Christmas gifts to local families (and a shout-out from CEO Christian Valdez to Melissa from MJ Hybrid Solutions for her work with local homeless population

  • Elixinol's from-the-beginning program of giving 5 percent on sales of to a variety of charities including Realm of Caring

  • Vape-maker GIVE's charitable giving campaign that changes every quarter.

What's even more amazing about all this community work and charitable giving: cannabis companies can't take a federal tax deduction on stuff that's not federally legal.

Guess that means that cannabi are just good people.

READ "Cannabis Companies Generously Support Their Communities But Don't Get to Deduct It From Their Taxes"

Image source: Green Entrepreneur; Image credit: Mark Trost VCNW | Getty Images

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