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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

Pete Sessions Replacement Won’t Block Cannabis Reform!

Kudos to Ganjapreneur for this scoop: Pete Sessions’ successor as leader of the House Rules Committee, Jim McGovern (D-Mass) will not block cannabis bills from coming to the floor for debate and vote.

McGovern is reported to have said “Unlike my predecessor, I’m not going to block amendments for marijuana. Citizens are passing ballot initiatives, legislatures are passing laws, and we need to respect that. Federal laws and statutes are way behind.”

We'll just let that new reality wash over us for a sec.

According to Ganjapreneur, “McGovern also mentioned making several other changes which appear to have bipartisan support: solving cannabis businesses’ banking woes, allowing the VA to prescribe medical cannabis for veterans, and establishing explicit federal allowances for the states’ rights approach to cannabis reform.

“This just seems like common-sense stuff,” said McGovern.

Even though it’s happening the sound of a century-old glacier cracking is audible around the world.


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