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  • American Cannabis Report Editorial Staff

FOX FALSEHOOD: Gummies are (not) killing people

We were disappointed but not surprised to hear that the ebulliently misguided talkholes at the state propaganda agency, er, Fox News Network, claimed on Monday that “gummies” infused with marijuana are threatening the lives of Americans.

On Monday’s edition of Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade spoke to a sheriff in Florida about a 12-year-old boy who was charged with felonies for sharing marijuana candy with his classmates.

First of all, a 12-year old charged with a felony? Did he shoot up his classroom? Plan a mass murder? This rates a felony in the same week that mass murderer El Chapo is on trial?

“No one talks about this,” Saint Brain opined. “THC is addicting. I know so many people — they say they were told one thing and they get addicted to it and that’s an addicting substance. There is a price to pay for pot.”

Goodness, Saint Brian, how does one keep one's halo polished with so many drug addicts around?

We’re sure you’re a lovely guy at cocktail parties, but even 15 minutes with Uncle Google would have told you that THC is less addicting than those cocktails. You would also have discovered that THC has never caused an overdose because, as all studies we've reviewed show, cannabis can not kill you. Unlike alcohol, or opioids like that massively overprescribed Oxycontin, or the murderously powerful Fentanyl that the Chinese are dumping in US markets in a toxic reverb on the Opium Wars, neither cannabis nor its cousin hemp, has ever witnessed a fatal dose. Ever. In 10,000 years of cannabis and hemp use.

But wait, there’s more – right out of Central Casting comes a righteous cop who can see his reflection in the polish of his boots: “It’s not a minor non-violent felony,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd opined. “It’s ruining families and killing people every day across the United States. And we stand here in denial thinking that it’s not a gateway drug to drugs that’s killing people.”

Ah, the Gateway Drug play… Gnarled grammar notwithstanding, it’s been used for 80 years, why not trot it out again? Well because it’s not true.

If you want a slogan, here’s one: CANNABIS IS AN EXIT DRUG (LINK).

More time in the library and less time at the parties, Brian!

“Yeah,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt agreed. “You don’t start on cocaine, you probably start with marijuana and it leads to other things.”

Actually, if you’re doing cocaine (a Schedule 2 drug), you’re in less trouble than if you’re doing The Weed (Schedule 1). Back in English class we’d call that an ironic juxtaposition.

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