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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Billy Caldwell's Quest to Walk 1,000 miles

"This is the boy sent home to die walking tall with a strong heart..."

So begins a series of amazing LinkedIn posts from Charlotte Caldwell, one of the world's greatest warriors in the fight for cannabis medicines for patients.

Readers of the American Cannabis Report and our social media will recall the many re-posts of stories by dear brave Charlotte, some of them heart-wrenching and some triumphant. From days when UK doctors offered to kill her son Billy, to those when Customs officials took his medicine from her hands, to the day when the National Health Service granted Billy the right to have his cannabis medicine, which has stopped his seizures for more than a year to today, when she and Billy are walking 1,000 miles to raise funds so that other children can have access to the life-saving medicines.

(You can read all about it in my exclusive interview here: "Charlotte Caldwell Launches "I Am Billy" Campaign")

"Happy tears spill onto the page as I type..."

I'm sure she won't be upset if I just grab the whole text of what she's doing now:

"This little boys journey of hope will open your eyes, and hopefully change the lives of thousands of chronically ill NHS patients forever.

Walk with the Wizard 28th May 2021 - 1,000 miles from his home in Northern Ireland via the British Crown Dependency Islands, to London Westminster.

Enroute he will be sleeping out under the stars and raising much needed funds because our fantastic NHS and NHS vulnerable chronically ill patients desperately need support - they are all Billy's heroes!

It would mean the absolute world to Billy, and all the other thousands of Billys' out there, if you can support us!

We love you all!"

You can follow Charlotte on LinkedIn, or check out the "I am Billy" website.

And if you are able to, please Join the American Cannabis Report in making a donation to support Charlotte's important work.

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