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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Bobsleds and Cannabis, Of Course

Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, Bobsleds and Cannabis... right?

It's Super Bowl Weekend, but my main story today is about another little sporting event: the Winter Olympics.

They got a little thang going on called the Bobsled Race, which reminds me: there are actually two stories involving the Bobsled & Cannabis today but remember people,

... when bobsledding, please use cannabis responsibly.


First of all, you all know that our superstar friend Roz McCarthy has launched her own brand called Black Buddha Cannabis, right? Props to Roz, and the hot news that the brand is launching in California, Nevada, Michigan, and Ohio. Bam!

But the big news for me is that she’s added a new Chief Strategy Officer by the name of Malik Yoba.

And you’re thinking "Malik Yoba..., that name sounds familiar, is he a cannabis guy?"

Well, yes he is, but he’s also a huge Hollywood star … with Bobsled in his Backstory:

Yoba played “Yul Brenner” in the hit movie Cool Runnings, about the Jamaican Bobsled Team. It's that film's 30th anniversary very soon.

So that’s Bobsled Cannabis Story #1...

Bobsled Cannabis Story #2 comes from Hemp Industry Daily:

"Canadian hemp is speeding onto the world stage in the 2022 Winter Olympics … in Beijing. Calgary, Alberta-based processor Canadian Greenfield Technologies sent more than 60,000 pounds of its NForce-Fiber for use in competition luge and bobsled tracks. The fibers were used in place of plastic fibers as a concrete strengthener."

“The company sells hemp fibers for outdoor construction projects that use sprayed concrete – commonly called shotcrete – such as outdoor pools and skate parks. The fibers strengthen the concrete.”


The big deal here is that hemp fiber is really getting a special place in a high stress environment, where failure is absolutely NOT an option. (Could you imagine if the Olympic Bobsled track fell apart?)

Picture this: if a skateboard park is Steve Urkel, a bobsled Track is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So while you’re packing your comfy little bowl on your comfy little couch this weekend, that hemp is doing real work!


In conclusion, for the first time, HEMP is going to be part of the mix in a major, high-stress construction project with the eyes of the world on it AND it’s replacing plastic, which "international team of engineering and construction experts" deemed inferior to HEMP!

That’s a GOLD MEDAL PERFORMANCE in my book!


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