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  • Christopher Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Cannabis Innovator Yellow Labs Inks Deal with BeneLeaves

Cannabis consumer products innovator Yellow Labs has just announced a co-manufacturing and distribution partnership with BeneLeaves Limited to introduce Yellow Labs Mint THC Mist(c) sublingual mouth spray to the Ohio medical cannabis market.

The announcement appears on the Yellow Labs company website. The American Cannabis Report is first to break this story.

"We are so pleased to be working with the talented and deeply experienced professionals at BeneLeaves," says Yellow Labs' Founder and CEO Ander Wensberg. "We admire the company's thoughtful values and its mission to focus on what's right for patients."


Yellow Labs Mint THC Mist is a fast-onset oral spray powered by A-Synaptic™, a new "liquid needle technology" that delivers cannabinoids through the lining of the mouth directly into the bloodstream at a high level of absorption.

"Yellow Labs Mint THC Mist is a breakthrough product that is going to help a lot of patients. I've never seen anything like it", reports Bill Williams, CEO of BeneLeaves.


"It's a refreshing mint mouth cleanse that will be popular with gummy fans - great taste, fast-onset without any calories. Patients tell me they would put our THC Mist up against any tincture our sublingual on the market, for enjoyment and performance," says Wensberg.

"It's an alternative or addition to a smoke or vape session," he says.


Yellow Labs Mint THC Mist delivers 3 MG of infused THC in every spray. Its rapid onset helps patients achieve and adjust to its effects right away, unlike edibles that can take an unspecified time to take effect depending on a variety of factors. The product comes in a discreet, handheld atomizer that easily fits in a purse or pocket.


Yellow Labs THC Mist is available in 6 botanical formulations including Relax, Energy, Recover, Curb Your Appetite, Virility for Him and Libido for Her.

About Yellow Labs Incorporated

Yellow Labs Incorporated, a Delaware C Corp, is helping to define the next wave of cannabis infused manufacturing, commercializing its R&D experience and license rights through co-manufacturing partnerships with Medical Dispensary and Adult use licensees.

Yellow Labs THC creams and mouth sprays will redefine the performance expectations for cannabis infused edibles, topicals, and tinctures. We intend to compete as an alternative to smoking or vaping, and to become a top brand in pain and anxiety relief.

Yellow Labs has completed exclusive R&D with the breakthrough technology, A-Synaptic™, a patent-pending delivery system emulsion that, when infused with cannabis distillate oil, causes high absorption of cannabinoids through the skin.

Yellow Labs THC Mists and Recover Cream are fast onset and more body friendly ways to enjoy the benefits of THC.

About BeneLeaves Limited

BeneLeaves is a medical cannabis processor in Columbus, OH. BeneLeaves strives to create deep connections with Ohio patients, manufacturing high quality, cannabis- based medical alternatives that promote health and wellness. BeneLeaves makes vape cartridges, gummies, lotions, capsules and even gluten free cookies

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