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  • Pierce Fenwick, Staff Writer

Cannabis Legalization is Working; DEA So Sad

I went on a little Easter Egg Hunt yesterday and found a frosty nugget hidden in Marijuana Moment, by Kyle Jaeger.

Now before you stand up and cheer, I need to tell you how much headlines like this worry me. I can guarantee you that people are pissed about this story. Pissed, I tell you! Stories like this make people lose their jobs. At local factories, employees have to make their numbers. At banks and auto marts, they have to make their numbers. And so it (probably) is at the DEA and border patrol.

Numbers are going down... are jobs on the chopping block?

But if you believe in the Prohibition of Cannabis, it’s worse than that. Stories like this could make you lose your minds!

You know who you are: those who hate the fact that we want to END THE WAR ON CANNABIS. The ones who still believe that legalizing cannabis is going to result in:

· Selling drugs to children

· Making our children into addicts,

· Making our workers into lazy laggards,

· Causing crime in the streets!

Now, everyone knows the libs are soft on crime; perhaps we should be a little softer on crime-fighters? Perhaps we should pity the poor law enforcement officers reading this headline – the true believers, the meat eaters. What the hell are they gonna do now that LEGALIZATION OF CANNABIS IS WORKING?

Now they’re gonna have to go out and solve real crimes.


I’ve been thinking about how hard it must be for those people who want to maintain Prohibition. Think of all the bad news they’ve been getting lately:

Headlines are filled with Bad News for the “What about the children?” crowd, like this one:

And what about the people that think cannabis will make our workers just lay down and take a nap, like Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves:

We should really feel badly for those law-and-order folks who believed that legalizing cannabis would cause more crime:


So not only is legalizing cannabis here in the US causing LESS drug smuggling and causing the cartels to go into honey and avocadoes… it’s having all these other positive effects.

Now I wonder if there’s anyone in Washington who might be able to use this information?


Image Source: Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

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