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Doubting Cannabis? Listen to a Judge

A little bit late seeing this YouTube video from March 2020, but I just watched CANNABIS: A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH, an interview by Montel Williams with Judge Doug Bench. (Montel at his very best).

Here's the Description: "Judge Doug Bench put more than 300 people in jail for minor marijuana offenses during his tenure. In retirement, his prohibitionist stance on cannabis took a sharp turn after being diagnosed with terminal Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

"His wife Jan convinced him to try cannabis-based on her own research, and after much hesitation [a very funny vignette], he finally tried cannabis and is now declared symptom free by his doctor.

Judge Bench and his wife Jan are the founders of Rethink Green, cannabis advocacy and CBD product company."

A must see for anyone interested in educating about the vast benefits of cannabis.


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