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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Federal Power Threatens Mississippi's Medical Cannabis

My story starts with The Daily Journal of Tupelo, Mississippi, birthplace of the King himself, Elvis Presley.

The Daily Journal of Tupelo calls itself "A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER DEDICATED TO THE SERVICE OF GOD AND MANKIND", it says so at the top of this story:

"TVA Asking Feds If It Is Legal to Supply Power to Medical Marijuana Facilities"


“Days after Mississippi legalized marijuana for medicinal use, the Tennessee Valley Authority — one of the main suppliers of wholesale electricity to north Mississippi — is uncertain if it can provide its resources to medical cannabis facilities.”

“In a document obtained by the Daily Journal, TVA announced that since it’s a federally owned utility company, it must adhere to federal drug laws. Though marijuana use is legal in several states, the product is still federally illegal.

“Given this important point, TVA will not direct any federal resources or funds to the cultivation and/or distribution of marijuana,” the statement reads.


The Tennessee Valley Authority was created by FDR back in the 1933, whom my friend Jason Beck probably thinks was a socialist because he used federal money to help poor people, but I was not aware that the TVA is the LARGEST PUBLIC POWER COMPANY IN THE UNITED STATES, and it provides power to SEVEN STATES via more than 16,000 miles of transmission lines.

And a whole bunch of those miles end up in Mississippi, which just legalized medicinal cannabis like, a minute ago, after a huge legislative rumble that we reported on for months (HERE, HERE, HERE)


  • ONE MISSISSIPPI: The TVA also serves Virginia and Alabama, which are adult-use and medicinal states, respectively. Why didn’t TVA threaten those states?

  • TWO MISSISSIPPI: TVA is only a wholesaler. There are several local utility companies that directly plug into North Mississippi businesses (Tupelo Water & Light and Tombigbee Electric Power Association, to name just two…) Now, some will say they’re bound by the same rule: "all are resellers of Power from the TVA" But why is it the TVA’s business what a local utility does with the power it’s bought and paid for? Once those electrons leave TVA lines, it’s not their power anymore. TVA is not directly powering anything in Mississippi. SO GET THAT BIG FEDERAL BOOT OUT MISSISSIPPI'S BUM!.

TVA spokesperson Scott Brooks "... would not specifically answer if local recipients of TVA power … could … service cannabis facilities …" Well, let me help you see the light, Scott:

  • THREE MISSISSIPPI: Pretty sure Jason Beck and I can agree: this is a case of STATES RIGHTS anyone could get behind. In 2020, Mississippians turned back decades of Prohibition and won the right to cannabis medicine for its most vulnerable citizens. In 2022, Mississippi legislators just fought the Governor to protect that right. You think they won’t fight the federal government for infringing on the rights of at least 300,000 friends, family and neighbors with serious illnesses who need cannabis medicine to survive?

  • FOUR MISSISSIPPI: Fight the Power!


And since we’re talking about The Plant that grows just fine without electricity, don’t forget that Mississippi has 216 days of sunshine every year.


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