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  • Alexander Bencore


From a titillating press release on LA Cannabis News last week, Heavy Hitters aunches First Liquid Trichome Cannabis Tincture ... which made us picture deep canna-geeks go, Oh hey, right on that sounds maybe a little cool BUT OH MY GOD... LIQUID TRICHOMES?

Let's peel the onion a bit and get into the juice of this story - -

"To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Heavy Hitters, California’s "premier cannabis brand", announces its boldest innovation yet: HVY Grand, the first large-format distilled cannabis tincture."

So far so good...

"... Weighing in at 1 liter and distilled exclusively from the iconic Acapulco Gold strain, HVY Grand features a nano-emulsion blended with Liquid Trichomes™ to deliver 1,000mg THC in a never-before-seen format. The result is pure, potent, distilled liquid cannabis with Acapulco Gold’s signature bright flavors and uplifting high."

The company website adds: "With natural notes of citrus, grapefruit and ginger, HVY is best served over ice, or mixed with your favorite drink."

This bad boy is a limited edition for now, so walk don't run


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