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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Jamarcus Purley Interview with Rico Lamitte

He’s got one degree from Stanford and one from Harvard, but after five years he’s been fired from his job working for Senator Dianne Feinstein. Jamarcus Purley was given a pink slip for various infractions but to hear him tell it, being black in the Senator’s office was an impossible mission.

“The Senator cares more about her dog than Black people," Purley said in a staff meeting.

What’s Purley’s famous for this week is a YouTube video he posted while smoking a blunt in Feinstein’s office which is as tame of a 'tirade of a disgruntled employee' as you'll ever see. (Axe-grinding media site Breitbart slandered the PG-rated action as an "insurrection", but Dear Readers and the rest of the world would scoff at any comparison with the actual attempt at insurrection last January 6th.)

Still, you may wonder what Jamarcus Purley, one of the most educated and articulate people of his generation, has been through to cause him to take these steps?

Today, in an exclusive interview on THE STATE OF CANNABIS NEWS HOUR on Clubhouse, Rico Lamitte (founder of Canivision and co-producer of the SOC News Hour) interviewed Mr. Purley.

I was present for the conversation between Lamitte and Purley, and it's one of the most fascinating, revealing, heartbreaking interviews you'll likely hear. Ever.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this man's story in the raw. It will change you.

Image Source: State of Cannabis News Hour and which includes clips from YouTube.

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