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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Jenny Gold's Heart-Forward Advocacy

Jenny Gold is a heart-forward shining star in the CBD space. Based in Colorado but seemingly everywhere online, we wrangled a spot on her busy calendar for a chat.

American Cannabis Report (ACR): Hi Jenny, we’re so fortunate to have met you on Clubhouse and learned how you're helping CBD companies and patients. The best place to start seems to be Jenny's Gold Standard.

Jenny Gold: You probably noticed the nice little shortcut I used to leverage my name into the name of the company? Jenny's Gold Standard helps a broad cross-section of CBD companies gain awareness and sales in their vertical markets. Basically doing exactly what we're doing now - talking about them and spreading the word.

I use my website as a marketing vehicle for them (which helps with their SEO), I post on Jenny's Gold Standard social media platform to increase their visibility online. And you get a 15% discount when you go to the client store from my website.

I do interviews on my "PodcastNotPodcast" on my YouTube channel. And you and I follow each other on Clubhouse, right? Clubhouse has been great for connecting with people. I can't wait until COVID settles down. I'll be able to do all of this live at live events again.

ACR: But there's something special about how you relate to your clients' products, right?

Jenny Gold: So here’s where I mention that I have several auto-immune diseases. I got Lyme Disease about 38 years ago. Lyme hits everyone differently, but for mot people it's just a relentless disease.

I had to stop college – lost my memory due to Lyme. My Lyme is neurological, though others have severe chronic pain and all sorts of other symptoms. Because I’ve been fighting it for so long, and now developed other auto-immune diseases, my doctors are calling my condition Chronic Post-Traumatic Lyme Disease Syndrome.

My auto-immune conditions are difficult for doctors to identify and prioritize, so they have not been able to organize an effective treatment. Western medicines were not working, so I tried cannabis as a medicinal option.

And this brings it all full-circle for me. Because of my autoimmune diseases, I need to manage my diet and use my endocannabinoid system. I can't eat just anything... and I can't take just any cannabinoid and make it OK. I know many can relate when I say I'm not great with edibles. I get couch-lock from THC. Which is not a knock against it at all, it’s just my personal chemistry. But when I tried CBD the effect was amazing. Life-changing.

Six years ago, I was visiting a client's booth at a hemp expo in Phoenix, at a huge convention center. Which was a bit crazy because at that time I was only able to walk about 100 steps per day. No kidding, 100 steps a day. At the Phoenix expo, I got some CBD tincture and walked 5,000 steps. Walked right up to Steve D’Angelo and Nurse Heather and said “hey” like they were my old pals instead of cannabis celebrities. Like I said, life-changing.

So I test CBD products personally and gravitate toward those that help me. By focusing on feeding my endocannabinoid system, managing my diet, and finding the best CBD-forward products that work for me, I'm able to keep going.

ACR: And now people with auto-immune conditions contact you... for advice?

Jenny Gold: No, I don't give advice, I'm not a doctor. I try to share my experiences. I know what helps me, but not what will help anyone else. I don’t recommend to anyone, I only tell my own personal story. I would never tell anyone to stop taking their medications, that’s between a patient and their doctor.

Fact is. lots of people are suffering from chronic conditions and autoimmune disorders. Most of the time you wouldn't know it because people just carry on. Some have chronic pain, and need to do THC 24/7. And a weird fact: these illnesses can feel worse due to holiday stress.

But here's the thing for me: when a disease become non-invisible, sick people are judged. When a person needs assistance, or a cane or walker, they are treated differently by society. The exterior emotional pain of being judged adds to to person's interior pain from the illness. That's why I advocate against judgment for those with autoimmune diseases.

As an aside, it's remarkable to me how many people in the cannabis industry have dedicated their lives to it because of how it helped a health-related issue.

ACR: You're really going 100 miles an hour these days. Tell us about all the communications you're doing.

Jenny Gold: I manage my company website I have a pretty busy social media, I get on Clubhouse, but what I'm really excited about it is my YouTube channel and my PodcastNotPodcast Series. You have to check out my channel!

ACR: I'm totally crazy about the name PodcastNotPodcast!

Jenny Gold: What's been great about doing these is, well, let's face it, this is frickin’ hard time. Lock down has kept me from me from my cannabis family, from doctors, it's been really difficult. But of course it's the same with everyone - people are really in need of human interaction! Most of my communications are online now, and I like to talk with people, so the video format of PodCastNotPodcast works great for me.

I have to admit, I cried. OK I cried a couple times... but that's what happens when you're trying to connect with those having a tough time with anxiety and depression, especially during the holidays.

Give an example of a product you promote

Jenny Gold: A company I really respect because their products work for me is WHOLE MADE BATH COMPANY.

Whole Made products are all-natural and have hemp-derived broad-spectrum cannabinoids (CBD-heavy) incredible terpenes, multiple scents... they have 0% THC products also.

Whole Made products that I really like and work for me (but again, not recommending here, just saying they work for me) are the Roller Ball, which comes in 100mg CBD and 500 mg of CBD. I also use the Therapeutic Massage Gel and the Bath Bombs, which I use on my feet when I can't get into the tub.

ACR: And we can get a discount through JennysGold website?

Jenny Gold: Absolutely! Use this DISCOUNT LINK to get 15% off at Whole Made's website AND AT CHECKOUT, ENTER THE WORD "FOREVER".

There's a discount link for each of my clients on my website.


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