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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Mississippi Senate Outvotes Mississippi Math 47-5

Not sure why Mississippi is getting so much ink lately except for the Reefer-Mad Circus de Beausoleil that’s doing back flips to foil the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use against 22 approved conditions.


Today’s missive from Mississippi Today offers some progress from the Goofballs of Gulfport:

Now before you take off after some Biloxi Boof, recall that the voters of the Mississippi ALSO overwhelmingly passed medical marijuana in the 2020 election, which explains the name of one of the lobbying groups “We Are the 74”. That’s for the 74% of the voters who gave MMJ the thumbs-up, before a technicality snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, sending it back down to the legislature.

Led by State Senator Kevin Blackwell who spearheaded the summerlong project to rewrite the legislation, it seemed the deal was in the baggie. But not so fast!

Last week, the Moron of the Magnolia State, Governor Tate Reeves, drew unwanted attention for his Mississippi Math about millions of joints flooding the streets because 300,000 patients would become drug dealers. Reeves threatened to veto the new bill unless the patient allocation was cut in half.


Reeves antics had made it clear that no one in Mississippi knows fuck-all about cannabis – not only did he say that 11 joints could be rolled from 3.5 grams, but one radio host even said that an ounce was the size of a loaf of bread.” Another Republican legislator tried to put the kai-bosh on the bill saying “In my 56 years, I have never seen anyone call combustible smoking, medicine.” ... ignoring all the medicines that one might have inject in her arm or stick up her butt.

Blackwell responded I see your clownshow and raise you a Barnum and Bailey:

He seized the lectern at the Capitol and began his sermon by quoting not Matthew, Mark or Luke but Bob as in Bob Dylan, and said his colleagues seemed afraid that “Everybody must get stoned.”

He continued, “You may recognize those lyrics” which he chose “basically to draw attention to the almost hysterical, paranoid, reefer madness, Chicken Little belief expressed by a few skeptics that if we pass the medical cannabis bill, the streets of Mississippi will be flooded by pot smoking zombies, crime will explode, planes will fall from the sky and the world as we know it will come to an end.”

He then passed around a real joint, rolled from hemp, and other goodies which proved that the magic number of joints is not 11 but more like 3, and that no one who touched the demon weed needed an Exorcism.


Praise the Lord and pass from the left.

The final vote was 47-5, enough to make gator bait out of a veto, and the bill now goes to the House.



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