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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

More Anti-Cannabis Propaganda from SAM

Propaganda is the opposite of truth.

It is MANUFACTURED to tug at our emotions, to ENFLAME fears for tribes to rally around. TO LOOK LIKE NEWS AND SOUND LIKE SCRIPTURE:

  • "Remember the Maine"

  • "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

  • "Make America Great Again".

In 1937 the Hearst/Anslinger Axis of Evil created the coded, lyrical structure of anti-cannabis propaganda that protected Anslinger’s job, and covered up for the Great Hemp Hustle – one of the greatest cases of industrial sabotage in history. The code worked so well that by 1961, every member of the United Nations agreed that marijuana as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world.

What were the magic words that ENRICHED SO FEW AND HARMED SO MANY?


What was the common concern that rallied the tribe?

That marijuana is a GATEWAY DRUG, when all good Christians of the time knew very well, that "THERE IS ONLY ONE GATEWAY IN THE BIBLE": THE GATEWAY TO HELL.


Which is a perfect segue to the source of today's article: The Washington Examiner. First clue: it is designed to look like a patriotic news source with an eagle and the whole nine. Next clue is right at the top of the home page, a whole section called RESTORING AMERICA… Wait, is that a coded lyrical stand-in for “Make America Great Again?”

Step right up to the Gateway to Hell.


So it’s no surprise that we find this article here: New Parent-Driven PAC Will Oppose Drug Legalization in Congress and States

“A new political action committee led by parents to counter the legalization of drugs, particularly marijuana, will launch soon in Colorado. The PAC, called Protect Our Kids, (I guess that makes it a POK-PAC) is made up of parents adamantly opposed to recent policies at state and federal levels to decriminalize drugs, such as marijuana and psychedelics. It’s the brainchild of Luke Niforatos, the executive vice president of … Smart Approaches to Marijuana (aka SAM)”

Last Quote: “The POK-PAC will support candidates regardless of party who pledge to vote against measures that would legalize marijuana and other drugs.”

This POK-PAC is a Crock, Jack. What they’re REALLY doing is to:

  • PAY POLITICIANS TO VOTE AGAINST LAWS that the majority of Americans support. From 70% to over 90% depending on which poll you read.

  • PAY POLITICIANS TO VOTE AGAINST LAWS that the majority of states have already approved. 38 out of 50. So much for States’ Rights, you morons.

  • PAY POLITICIANS TO VOTE AGAINST LAWS that would allow research into the myriad levels of medicinal magic in god’s favorite plant, actually restoring America as a shining city of innovation, healthcare, science and industry

  • PAY POLITICIANS TO VOTE AGAINST LAWS that protect American patients from harassment and arrest and further suffering:

    • Children

    • Military veterans

  • PAY POLITICIANS TO VOTE AGAINST LAWS that protect American businesses that employ 428,000 Americans today and deliver $Billions in taxes every year.


From what?

From the street dealers who lurk at our high schools ready to sell to anyone with cash, no matter their age?

... Or protect them from legal dispensary owners who have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their stores and wouldn’t risk selling to minors.

This POK-PAC is a Crock, Jack. It’s anti-truth, anti-science, Anti-American, anti-Human, and anti-sanity. It shouldn’t be called Protect Our Kids, it should be called We Are Fools.


Image source: Photo by Edmond Dantès from Pexels:


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