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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

Nashville: Molecular Biologist Says She Saved Her Son's Life with CBD Oil

"Dr. Annabelle Manalo Morgan is a cellular biologist who promotes cannabis studies all over the world.

It started out for very personal reasons. Macario Morgan was born into a nightmare: 200 seizures a day.

In desperation, doctor’s removed 40% of his brain. He was on seven medications and on his way to a limited, bleak life.

That’s when his molecular biologist mom, Dr. Morgan, created a CBD oil compound for him. She took him off the other medicine cold turkey, so all he took was the CBD oil. Nothing else.

Everything changed.

“He is five years old today. He will start kindergarten in the fall. He has no developmental deficits. If you saw him, you would never know there was a thing wrong with him. He is not autistic, delayed, nothing. He is a normal 5-year-old boy,” said Dr. Morgan.


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