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  • Emily Drayton, Staff Writer

New Hampshire Makes the Right Move on Medicinal Cannabis vs. Opioids

Here's a small story that's worth a deeper dive from The Cannabis Business Times: “New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Allowing Medicinal Cannabis for Opioid Use Disorder

Some might see this headline and think, “The Governor of New Hampshire is allowing people to swap one drug for another? What's the point?"

So let's apply our Cannabis Translator to get to the truth.

When we translate the word “opioid” – we get “the most addictive and deadly drug known to man”. The National Institute of Drug Abuse tells us just last year, 69,710 Americans died from opioids, reporting that Fentanyl is the #1 killer by a country mile, followed by Prescription Opioids, and when your prescription runs out, Heroin.

Wearing an ignominious crown, 3 of the top 5 most deadly drugs in America are opioids.

Now let’s translate “medical cannabis.” We know from reporting in the last 30 days that cannabis has been cultivated by human civilizations for 12,000 years. (When they started, there were saber-tooth tigers and woolly mammoths afoot!)

Dear readers of the American Cannabis Report, let's share how many people have died from cannabis overdose in 12,000 years: ZERO.

So, let’s go back to that headline:

“New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Allowing [Perfectly Safe Plant] for [Those Who Want to Escape the Deadliest Drug on the Planet].”

And that’s how we know the New Hampshire Governor has signed a very smart bill.

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