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NEW: Got Your Blunt Bowl Packed?

"Puff, puff pass" is the classic cannabis community ritual that's even better with blunts, the robust cousin of the joint. (Blunts are recognizable because they're rolled in tobacco due to their larger size.) Both the taste and the experience of sharing a blunt are treasured by those who savor good herb with friends.

Then in 2020, COVID-19 put the brakes on blunts. And now its evil spawn the delta variant is really forcing us to rethink the ways we socialize.

Cannabis consumers, of course, want to avoid any communal germs that come with sharing a blunt, but are REALLY frustrated at losing the added taste and mouthfeel of the tobacco leaf.

Blunt Bowls solve both problems at once.

Blunt Bowls are premium tobacco leaf that is cut into a circle to fit inside of a bowl the user would then pack with cannabis. The tobacco liner then gives the user the experience of smoking a blunt without the saliva needed to wrap and seal it, or any shared germs inherent in passing.

“Blunt Bowls came out of a group event – a UFC fight, actually" said Ryan Forrestal, CEO, and founder of Blunt Bowls. "Friends and I were trying to roll a blunt on the fly and I quickly realized how inconvenient and unhygienic that experience can be...

"Initially, I had no idea that Blunt Bowls could protect cannabis smokers during a pandemic, but I’m ecstatic about that possibility. Now people can smoke a blunt without the hassle, the saliva and potential germs that are passed during group smoking.”

Rumors have been abounding in the industry that the Delta variant might make its way through cannabis events ... Expect attendees to gather in socially distanced groups, sharing camaraderie, but using their own rigs lined with Blunt Bowls.

According to Forrestal, Blunt Bowls can be inserted into pipes, bongs, produce, just about anything one might use to consume cannabis.

“People generally want to share cannabis with friends. That’s just the nature of cannabis smoking – it’s communal,” says Forrestal. “But with COVID, people have been forced into smoking solo. Blunt Bowls gives that experience back to people, allowing them to engage in blunt smoking in a socially distanced group or on their own without the worry.”


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