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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

No American Majority Supports Marijuana Prohibition Anymore

I’m going to quote a blog post today, which is not usually the way we do things, but this blog post is from the Idaho Citizens Coalition. Their post refers to a big mainstream story that we will celebrate in a minute…

But I wanted to give Big Props to the Idaho Citizens Coalition for being a particularly feisty bunch of activists who are fighting tooth and nail for rights that most other Americans now enjoy: the right to use cannabis. They are rowdy, they are smart, and they are bringing the heat on legislators to pull Idaho into the 21st Century.

On April 15th, they posted the headline No American Majority Supports Marijuana Prohibition Anymore”, which refers to the latest Quinnipiac University poll which found that 69% of Americans are in favor of Legalization of Cannabis – the highest number ever!

They dug into the data to find that for the very first time, PROHIBITIONISTS ARE IN THE MINORITY IN EVERY AGE GROUP AND DEMOGRAPHIC.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the last holdouts in favor of Prohibition were people over 65. (I can tell you that’s true, my mother still asks me “Are you still involved in THAT industry?... She can’t even say the word cannabis.)

  • Sorry Mom, 51% of your geezer friends celebrated 4/20 yesterday.

  • Here’s a surprise: Republicans now support Legalization at 62%

  • Independents were a bit disappointing at 67% but you know, they just can’t decide anything …

  • Every other demographic

  • College-educated or not

  • Under 64

  • Hispanic, African American, or White, support legalization at about 70% or higher

  • And across the board, women were slightly more enlightened than men. Shocking, I know.


  1. The number of Americans who have seen the light and want to end the War on Drugs and Cannabis in particular, HAS NEVER BEEN HIGHER.

  2. The last people to get the memo are the politicians in Washington, including Uncle Joe Biden. But to be fair, he’s been kinda busy cleaning the blood out of the carpets in the Capitol, so let’s hope he’ll come around one of these days.


As for the Idaho Citizens Coalition, they will tell you that despite the fact that "Polls show the support for medical marijuana in Idaho is strong, with 78 percent of respondents who are informed about the details of the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act supporting the measure", Idaho remains "Idaho is literally the only absolute marijuana prohibition state on the continent."

We should support those folks, they’re our kind of people

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