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  • Christopher Smith, Publisher

No Joy for UK Cannabis Patients

Time to put on your asbestos panties, folks.

I’d like to pound the living hell out of whoever wrote this headline in Edinburgh Live:

It’s pure BULLSHIT. And it wouldn’t be so infuriating if it weren’t also so cruel.

How do I know this headline is a big fat cow-pie? Because 2 days earlier, on February 27th, the very same publication ran this headline:

There is NO JOY in the UK when it comes to medicinal cannabis. It’s been more than 3 years since cannabis was legalized for medicinal use in the UK in 2018, and only 3 people are now approved to be covered for cannabis medicine by their National Health Service.

Here are a few more from the British press, from among dozens:

The ‘Edinburgh Mum’ mentioned in the EdinburghLive stories is named Karen Gray. Her son Murray is 9, and a type of epilepsy called “Doose Syndrome” that he was diagnosed when he was 4 years old, “…was suffering from up to 12 seizures a day and was even confined to hospital for the best part of a year when his seizures meant that he was in a constant state of status.”

Let's be clear: for a whole year, big Pharma had no answer for this little boy, forcing the Mum to take lifesaving measures:

“To help her son, Karen smuggled Bedica and Bedrolite oils from the Netherlands which worked brilliantly at allowing Murray to lead as normal a life as possible."

Although the family were eventually able to have the medicines prescribed in the UK, they HAVE TO PAY £1,400 PER MONTH OUT OF POCKET - Without this medicine Murray’s life would be placed at risk, but it's crippling the family financially.

What a choice to make!

The ”Joy” that the scoundrels at EdinburghLive published, is simply an announcement that the UK government will introduce two clinical trials on epilepsy which will compare results of Pharma drugs against CBD drugs, CBD+THC drugs, and placebo.

And God help the poor children who receive placebos from this government, instead of medicine they sorely need to have any semblance of normal life. It is barbaric to put these children and these parents through this, many of whom have already identified the medicine that works for their children. Whatever the specific blend that works depends on the child’s unique body chemistry.

Government Ministers are not doctors!

Here's another headline from the UK Press:

"Imagine having chronic pain so severe you can’t risk expending the energy it would take to get a glass of water – or what it’s like to hold your baby as they have their 100th potentially fatal seizure of the week. You know there’s a medicine that could help – that would allow you to live, not merely survive. It would keep your child seizure-free. It’s a medicine legal for prescription since 2018, that’s supported by thousands of studies proving efficacy, that has an unrivalled safety record, that’s widely available in over 50 countries and that’s been re-classified by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in recognition of its medical value.

"And that’s the thing in the UK – “You know this medicine exists but you’re prevented from accessing it because – behind the scenes – the avenues to do so have not been set up. Despite being legal for prescription [since 2018], the supply framework for NHS access to cannabis is essentially a con.” says the UK Independent.

Although officially available on the NHS, General Practitioners aren’t authorized to prescribe it… Instead, GPs must refer their patient to a consultant, who then defers to a panel advised by pharmaceutical companies that actively lobby against cannabis access.

"And there it is, the devious under-dwellers of Reefer Madness Hell: Big Pharma. Is anyone surprised that they would sentence children to a lifetime of suffering to protect their profits?

What a torture chamber the British have concocted for their own citizens. It’s an outrage and I’m amazed the mothers of these poor children have not stormed Parliament!

Image Source: Unsplash and Jack Lucas Smith


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