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  • Emily Drayton, Staff Writer

Oregon Dispensary Finds Good Sesh Spots (and Customers) in Boise

Head up to Ontario, Oregon and you'll be sure to find Treasure Valley Cannabis, which found a hilarious way to lay a mellow burn on its good friend and customer-supplier, Boise, Idaho.

In its new Facebook video, we get a quick tour of Boise via scooter as Brandon St. Germain looks for good spots to Sesh.

The joke is, Idaho is famously dry, so customers by the thousands simply drive across the border to Treasure Valley to get their goods, and bringing plenty of cash (including tax money) on the Oregon side of the border.

"The City of Trees “sesh” tour is the brainchild of Brandon St. Germain, director of operations at the dispensary at 560 Southeast 12th Ave. He’s a Boise native. With the help of the dispensary’s marketing director and a Portland camera operator, he hatched the idea to film a humorous, landmark-filled video about his hometown."

Says the local KISS-FM radio station, "The tour is quite entertaining. From the park to the greenbelt, the outskirts of the zoo to Freak Alley, it suggests any of these places could be great "sesh spots"...then again, Idahoans wouldn't do such a thing."

No, of course not...

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