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  • Alexander Bencore

Outlaw Granny Flips Off The Man

Dear readers, feast your eyes on Tennessee's Outlaw Granny, who got popped for having just a little more than "maybe an ounce".


PS: According to the article in High Times:

"Tennessee still does not have a cannabis industry, and is only one of 14 states that still does not have some type of medical system in place. Call it an “island of prohibition.”

Senate Bill 854 was sponsored by Senator Janice Bowling and would have legalized medical cannabis for certain patients and developed a Medical Cannabis Commission that would have regulated the production and sale of cannabis. While the Senate Government Operations Committee approved the bill back in March, it was rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee later that month.

Tennessee voters consistently support cannabis according to polls, but the state doesn’t have a voter initiative process. That means only elected officials can change state law, so the ballot initiative for 2022 won’t complete the entire process of legalization. For now, people like Brewington will have to resort to other, law-abiding hobbies.

PHOTO courtesy of the 15th Drug Task Force Tennessee as published in High Times

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